Kenton Webb

Kenton Webb accepted the CTE Champion Award.

Marana High School welding instructor Kenton Webb was recently recognized for his hard work and dedication to his students. Realityworks, Inc. named him the receipt of its CTE Champion Award, presented at the Association for Career & Technical Education’s CareerTech VISION 2018 Conference in San Antonio, Texas Nov. 30

According to a press release issued by the Marana Unified School District, the award recognizes the “remarkable methods Webb has implemented to engage his welding students in viable career opportunities and help them develop in-demand job skills.” 

Those methods include using the guideWELD® VR welding simulator and guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system by Realityworks.

“My ultimate goal is to help these kids get a successful career so they’re not walking away from high school with just a diploma—they’re walking away with a skill they can use,” Webb said. “I’m humbled by this award. It’s nice to get recognized for the work you put in. 

About 250 students participate in Marana High School’s welding program annually, an increase of almost 200 students from when Webb began the program 10 years ago. In the last nine years, the program has come to be one of the premier high school welding shops in the state. First-year students use the guideWELD VR welding simulator to hone basic welding skills in a safe, virtual environment, and then use the guideWELD LIVE real welding guidance system in the welding booth to understand proper welding techniques and correct bad habits. Webb also challenges his students to identify and assess their own welds using Realityworks’ RealCareer™ Weld Defects Kit.

“What I saw and heard when I visited Kenton’s classroom made his passion for educating clear,” said Jamey McIntosh, RealCareer Product Manager for Realityworks. “He knows that being able to help his students truly understand where an in-demand skill like welding could take them is key to engaging them in welding training.”

Realityworks’ CTE Champion award is awarded to educators in programs related to welding and trade skills, family and consumer sciences, agriculture and health science.

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