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The Town Oro Valley was named "The Safest City in Arizona" by Safe Home on Wednesday, thanks to the town’s low crime rate and ratio of police per population.

The rankings combine the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program which collects data on violent and property crime per 100,000 residents, the officer-to-population ratio, violent crime trends, property crime trends and six demographic factors.

The results are further proof that the relationship between police and the population of Oro Valley is a positive one, according to Oro Valley Police Department Police Chief Daniel Sharp.

Sharp believes the harmonious relationship creates a more inhabitable town for everyone.

“The way that I talk about it is that we’re all a team here," Sharp said. "The citizens, our businesses and our police department. It's the old principle from Sir Robert Peel—the police are the people and the people are the police. So it truly is a partnership, and that’s the reason that we’re able to do it—is because we’ve a great community, we’ve got great employees related to public safety, dispatch, responding officers, just all the way through the police department.”

According to the Safe Home 2014 database (based on the FBI's UCR), Oro Valley, with a population of roughly 42,000 had 27 violent crimes reported—three fewer than the next closest town (Marana, which placed ninth overall). Oro Valley also had the fewest number of property crimes (583), and the lowest citizen-to-officer ratio (329).

Oro Valley Mayor Satish I. Hiremath said the town’s most recent recognition is further proof that Oro Valley is doing things the right way in building a safer, more prosperous community.

“We are truly excited about the recent accolades the Town of Oro Valley has received,” Hiremath said. “In November, WalletHub named us ‘Arizona’s Best Small City,’ and now Safe Home has ranked us the ‘Safest City in Arizona.’ These designations aren’t based on just one factor. To be recognized as both the ‘safest’ and the ‘best’ means this Town Council is making smart, intentional decisions about the Town’s future, so that we can continue ensuring quality of life for our residents. This is a very exciting time for our community.”

For more information on the study, click here.

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