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Rodman Listens

In the upcoming election, I will be voting for Bill Rodman to retain his seat on our town council. Why? I have watched Bill Rodman in action during monthly Town Hall meetings. Thoughtful, observant and most importantly, a great listener, Bill Rodman both hears the voices of his constituents and acts on their behalf.

We are blessed to live in a peaceful town, our problems are few. We have sound fiscal reserves, a police force that is invested in and respectful of its citizens, good schools for our children and everywhere we look, bountiful beauty surrounds us. 

Other communities throughout our nation have literally been on fire as people protest the actions of their leaders and public servants. Citizens who feel both overlooked and under represented are making themselves heard in ways, supported and not. 

The Oro Valley Town Council may serve as a role model for leaders in other towns. Divisiveness can be calmed and healed when cool heads prevail and constituents opinions are heard and regarded.

With Bill Rodman on the council, we may be assured that diverse voices will be represented. While the council may not agree on every issue, retaining thoughtful, respectful leaders on our Board assure us that the debate remains civil, intelligent and above all respectful of the citizens they serve.

I urge you, regardless of your political persuasion, your personal position, whether you enjoy golf or not, whether you are for or against future development here in town, to retain a thoughtful voice of reason in our town Chambers. That voice belongs to Bill Rodman.

Sasha CaseOro Valley

Site Unseen 

I have read posts regarding Steve Solomon on a site with no identity. Who is behind this site? I didn’t see any names. Let me add Rodman to this letter relating to accusations that Solomon and he are corrupt by taking campaign monies from developers during the last election. The innuendo is that they made personal gain from relationships that led to these donations. If there is evidence of malfeasance, the prudent thing to do would be to file a lawsuit. Maybe you haven’t because the accusations are baseless. 

Both men have been open about their belief in measured growth in our community, both are residents of our community and are in business here.   

When people come here to live; retail investment follows. This is the process. If Oro Valley does not grow at the same rate as other municipalities, we will fall behind in our State Shared Revenue, a large part of our General Fund. 

As yearly costs for services go up, so our revenues must grow.  Construction sales taxes also provide a major contribution to the General fund. No new homes/business construction, no new construction sales taxes. In the growth process, development applications are processed through Town staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) the later being a volunteer group. What is their incentive for personal gain? 

I do have a problem when public servants’ characters and reputations are attacked through innuendos.  Disagree, make your case based on facts, but this kind of baseless politics is petty and does no service to this great Town.  It’s telling that the creators of this site are unwilling to put their name(s) on it.

George J. Lindsay, Oro Valley

I Want My TEP

I have recently moved to the lovely state of Arizona, and have enjoyed my new surroundings—so far. 

I was denied Interconnection Approval from TEP because they said that too many homes have solar on your TEP Circuit (the homes that feed into the same Sub-station).

We did our due diligence, made plans and schematics, and provided them to TEP. Imagine my surprise when I was denied...so I have some serious questions and concerns for you, as I believe this to be unfair.

How is it fair that your neighbors can benefit from solar but I cannot!

I have been told that the level which has been determined for “saturation” is antiquated and based on rules that were established in 2006, way before solar took off in AZ.

It is unfair, and perhaps even illegal for this rule in that I am not able to participate in the Investment Tax Credits when your neighbors get that privilege.

Shouldn’t TEP be required to provide the infrastructure to let everyone who desires solar to do so and benefit from the Tax Credits as well as the financial benefits of solar.

I am losing out on the Federal Tax Credit (26% of system cost) and the $1,000 State Tax Credit for Arizona.

I have been told that TEP is requiring this Saturation Process but APS is not, even though they are under the same ACC rules. UNFAIR!

These are real concerns that I have, and many of my neighbors have. I DO NOT think it is fair to penalize people who are trying to do the right thing, and are trying to keep Arizona alive and viable by using natural resources - TEP is still going to receive some benefits from us.

Terry Jones, Marana

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