ACE golf dog

Ace, winner of this year's best dressed pet award!

Attention pets, pet-owners and those who just like to throw a ball from time to time: Tucson Local Media is happy to announce our 2019 Best of Pets special! We’ve been busy these past few weeks sorting through all the pet photos our readers submitted. While last year’s Tucson Local Media pet section focused on the ugliest pets in town, we figured it might also be nice to appreciate the finer things in life. And as such, we have a great gallery of photos detailing local pets in the finest of garments: shirts, hats and even full costumes!

Aside from photos submitted by our readers, we also spoke with some local animal shelters about the newest happenings in the world of pet care and adoption. The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter, the Pima Animal Care Center, and the Sol Dog Lodge all offered their unique insight. If you’re looking to lend a hand, each of those organizations, and plenty more throughout Pima County, are sure to accept any help offered to them.

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures, and congratulations to reader Pam Leibowitz and her dog Ace for winning our best dressed pet award!

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2019 Best Dressed Pets


The Pets of Tucson Local Media



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