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What’s new in the world of retirement living? At Splendido, an all-inclusive community for those 55 and better in Oro Valley, the answer is “plenty.” Splendido has been undergoing a major transformation and growth spurt, with an eye on changing tastes and priorities in today’s older adults.

The transformation, which included a renovation of amenity spaces such as the Living Room—the centerpiece room inside the main entrance—and a multipurpose meeting room called the Catalina Room, is much more than a stunning makeover. Many of the changes reflect broader trends in senior living and in interior design, including: 

Flexible Areas for


Splendido offers many places where residents can get together, including a billiards room, a library, an art studio, and a café. However, the newly transformed Living Room—now with an expansive outdoor terrace outside its doors—is meant to be a central area, large enough to accommodate multiple small groups.

“The Living Room and Terrace are very popular with residents,” says Splendido Executive Director James Edwartoski. “There are people using it every day, from early morning through evening. I see a lot of people reading, but residents also gather there to talk or play cards; I’ve also noticed that residents entertain family members and other guests there.”

James explained that residents specifically requested a Living Room that is functional and flexible. “Now people are using it just as we intended,” he says. “Residents love that room!”

Décor That Incorporates Nature

Current trends in interior design include a focus on natural materials and textures. “This positions the room as a quiet and simple refuge from the busy world,” explains Marisela Panzarella, Splendido’s staff interior designer. “Homes are being designed with stone, wood, and tile—the Living Room incorporates some of these, as do the new Villa Homes we’ll have available later this year. Those homes will also feature picture windows that bring the outdoors in—nature will literally be the focal point.”

Nature is on full display in the Living Room, where a wall of windows offers a sweeping view of the Catalina Mountains. “The room is breathtaking,” says James.

More Outdoor Spaces

People enjoy spending time outdoors, and research has shown that this is good for your well-being. Residents can now spend time on the new Terrace, or head downstairs to the reconfigured patio, which will soon offer al fresco dining. 

“In the cool early mornings, people take their coffee out on the Terrace, and I’ve seen groups take wine out in the evening,” says James. “We’re thinking of doing ‘pop-up happy hours’ on the Terrace, but residents can BYOB any time they like.”

On the ground floor outside the Catalina Room, residents can now relax on a huge patio with a firepit, a water feature, and plenty of seating. “It’s outfitted with heaters and misters to extend the season that it can be used,” explains James.

High-Tech Amenities

The Catalina Room, used for meetings including Splendido’s town halls, Resident Council meetings, and lectures in the Splendido Intellectual Pursuits Program (SIPP), has been expanded and updated with high-tech features. “It’s really current,” says James. “We have air-walls that can divide it into two or three smaller rooms, and screens and projectors that drop of the ceiling. Everything—including the window shades—is operated from a touchscreen on the wall.” 

Something for Everyone

Still to come: the transformation of Splendido’s restaurants and completion of the new Villa Homes. These beautiful spaces are in addition to the stimulating social, cultural, and educational programs offered at Splendido every day. Residents can fill as much of their schedules as they like with fitness classes, hands-on art classes, guest lecturers, sports nights, live music, and much more. 

All of this and more make Splendido a great place to Age Well. For more information, visit our website at

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