Tangerine Landfill closed

Wayne Stover empties his garbage-filled truck bed at the Pima Landfill, located near I-10 and Tangerine Road. The public no longer has access to the Tangerine Landfill, which closed on Dec. 1.

Randy Metcalf/ The Explorer

The public no longer has access to the Tangerine Landfill, which closed almost a month ago on Dec. 1. 

The landfill, which has been in use since 1983 and is the first fully lined landfill, has almost reached its capacity of 6.7 million cubic yards. Although it is closed to the public, Pima County will continue to use the landfill for waste generated from the Pima County Environmental Quality’s illegal dumping cleanups program.

The Pima County Waste Tire Collection facility, once located at the Tangerine Landfill has since been moved to 5301 W. Ina Road.

Landfills that remain open to the public for recycling and waste disposal include: Catalina Transfer Station, Sahuarita Landfill, Ryan Field Transfer Station (residential only), Waste Management’s Ina Road Transfer Station, and Los Reales Landfill. Newly opened is the Marana Regional Landfill, which is located on 14508 W. Avra Valley Road. 

For more information visit www.TucsonRecyclingandWasteServices.com or call (520) 623-7300.

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