Submitted just days before tomorrow’s primary election, another campaign finance report from candidates, political action committees and other politically involved members of the Oro Valley community has shed light on the inner workings of each campaign.

The council seats on the ballot this year belong to the three incumbent candidates: councilmembers Brendan Burns, Bill Garner and Mike Zinkin. Hoping to claim a spot on the town’s ruling body are residents Rhonda Pina, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon. 

All reports with the exception of Rodman’s covered June 1 until Aug. 18, Rodman ended his reporting on Aug. 26.

Much as she was at the end of June, Pina sits as the highest drawing candidate in terms of finances. As of Aug. 26 she had raised a total of $27,240. Following behind her was Rodman at $26,375.00 and then Solomon at $23,441.43.

The greatest contribution came from Humberto and Carina Lopez, the former the cofounder of HSL Properties, who gave $5,000 each to all three campaigns. Omar Mirales, Lopez’s nephew and current president of HSL, contributed $3,000 to Pina and Rodman and just over $2,900 to Solomon. Other notable contributions came from Jim and Vicki Click, Jr. ($2,500 each) and Peter Fasseas ($1,000).

Additionally, Pina, Solomon and Rodman each received $1,000 from the Realtors of Arizona PAC and $250 from the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association. Though not has large individually, seven employees of investment firm Diamond Ventures, Inc. each donated to the challengers totaling nearly $2,000.

As for the incumbent candidates, campaign totals – and specifically the origin of income – reflects each individuals platform of not accepting any donations seen as coming from special interest groups.

Of the sitting councilmembers Zinkin raised the most funds at just over $5,200 followed by Burns at more than $2,300 and Garner closing out at just shy of $2,000. In terms of significant donations, the highest for each man came from Oro Valley resident Debra Arrett, who gave each $750. The only other individual to donate to each incumbent campaign was former candidate and resident Shirl Lamonna, who donated $100 to each.

The largest donation to an incumbent was given to Zinkin by Oro Valley resident Susan Teague, $1000.

Matching high contributions, each challenging candidate shadowed the incumbents in terms of campaign expenditures and once again in the highest spot was Pina, who spent just over $25,000 during the campaign, followed by Rodman at just under $25,000 then Solomon at nearly $15,000.

As for the incumbents, Zinkin spent the most at more than $2,500 followed by Burns at just over $1,900 and finally Garner at just shy of $1,800 for joint advertising through The Arizona Daily Star, signs and other miscellaneous expenses.

The greatest cost for the challengers, and the one shared by each, was that of Saguaro Strategies. Both Pina and Rodman spent nearly $20,000 on the consulting firm, Solomon just over $14,000. Rodman and Pina both spent $1,000 on advertising time through iHeart Media and Pina another $1,000 to Tucson Local Media for print advertisement (Solomon’s recent, paid front-age banner ad was paid for after the reported time period).

Though not a political candidate, the Triple E PAC once again played a visual role along Oro Valley’s roadways, mailboxes and even made an appearance in the form of conversation during the second candidate forum. Over the course of the campaign and including funds left over from a previous campaign, the PAC raised just over $10,000.

The greatest contribution to the PAC came in the form of a $7,000 loan from chairman Don Cox. The PAC also received a total of $850 in donations less than $50, $500 from the Mary Snider for Oro Valley PAC and another $300 from Richard Tracy.

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