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The Arizona Secretary of State's office is reporting (as of Wednesday, Nov. 7) that 99 percent of precincts have submitted totals in the 2018 General Election:

In the race for two Arizona House of Representatives Legislative District 10, Republican state Rep. Todd Clodfelter is falling behind Democratic state Rep. Kristen Engle and Democratic challenger Domingo DeGrazia. Engle has 35 percent of the vote; DeGrazia has 30 percent; and Clodfelter has 28 percent.

In the Senate race in LD10, Democratic incumbent Dave Bradley is up over Republican challenger Marilyn Wiles, 57 percent to 42 percent.

In the race for two Arizona House of Representative seats in Legislative District 9, Democratic Reps. Randy Friese and Pamela Powers-Hannley are ahead of Republican challenger Ana Henderson. Friese has 36 percent of the vote, Powers-Hannley 35 percent and Henderson 27 percent.

In the LD9 Senate race, Democrat Victoria Steele has 61 percent of the vote, compared to Republican Randy Fleenor’s 38 percent.

In Legislative District 2, Democratic incumbent Sen. Andrea Dalessandro has a lead over Republican challenger Shelley Kais, 57 percent to 42 percent.

In the Democrat-leaning LD2 House race, incumbent Democratic Reps. Daniel Hernandez and Rosanna Galbadon are leading Republican challengers Chris Ackerley and Anthony Sizer. Both Galbadon and Hernandaz hold 28 percent of the vote, while Ackerly and Sizer both maintain 21 percent.

In heavily Republican Legislative District 11, State Rep. Vince Leach looks like he’s headed for a promotion to the state Senate. He’s got 55 percent of the vote, compared to Democrat Ralph Atchue’s 43 percent.

In the LD11 House of Representatives race, the two Republicans—incumbent Rep. Mark Finchem and Bret Roberts—have a lead over the Democratic candidates, Hollace Lyon and Marcela Quiroz. Finchem has 28 percent; Roberts has 28 percent; Lyon has 21 percent; and Quiroz has 20 percent.

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