PCC Downtown Campus

PCC Downtown Campus

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Pima Community College today reached a milestone as it requests continued accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, sending its accreditor a document detailing the efforts the College has made to comply with HLC standards since being placed on probation in April 2013.

The Self-Study Report, submitted to the HLC, documents a comprehensive, evidence-based examination of all facets of the College including processes, policies and goals conducted over the past 15 months by more than 300 PCC employees, students and community members.

The Self-Study Report is available online on the College’s website.

In a message accompanying the report, Chancellor Lee D. Lambert said the report provides “strong evidence” that the College has resolved the HLC’s concerns regarding areas of non-compliance and meets all HLC standards, and includes a plan to ensure PCC meets all federal and state legal requirements related to higher education.

“The Self-Study Report documents the progress we are making toward our goal of making PCC one of the United States’ premier community colleges,” Chancellor Lambert said in an email to employees announcing the submittal of the report. “We recognize that our mission, to develop our community through learning, requires a commitment to student success, consistent engagement and diversity.”

Highlights of improvements referenced in the report:

  • The College has created a strategic plan, based on extensive input from community members, faculty, staff and administrators, to guide its major initiatives over the next three years.
  • The PCC Governing Board has revised its policies and bylaws.
  • The College has developed and implemented sexual harassment response and prevention training for the Board, administrators and employees.
  • The Board has formed a Finance and Audit Committee to provide additional oversight of PCC’s financial, audit and investment-related performance, policies and procedures.
  • The Board has formed a Human Resources Advisory Team to review the performance of Human Resources.
  • The College is improving faculty oversight of curriculum.
  • The College is redesigning developmental education to improve student success, is adding faculty and plans to hire a developmental education leader to provide overall direction.
  • The College has improved policies and procedures regarding complaints and grievances, and has created an Office of Dispute Resolution to address public or employee concerns in an independent, fair and objective manner.
  • The College has paid off the last of its long-term debt.

What’s next:

  • Sept. 15-17: A team from the HLC will visit PCC to determine if the College is complying with HLC standards.
  • October: The HLC will provide a site visit report to the College.
  • November: PCC will submit a response to the site visit report, to correct errors of fact only.
  • December: PCC will send a team to attend a hearing of the HLC’s Institutional Actions Council.
  • February 2015: The College will receive formal notification of its status from the HLC.

To learn more: Visit the Pima Addresses Probation website.

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