The Town of Marana broke ground on the new Honea Heights Park this week.

The town of Marana is developing a new community outdoor space in the form of the Honea Heights Neighborhood Park, scheduled to break ground this week.

The park includes a 2,000 square foot area with a 40-by-50-foot shade structure, as well as 2,500 square feet of turf, swings, a ramada and a half-court basketball court. It will be located at 12500 N. White Avenue, adjacent to the Santa Cruz River Loop Trail system and roughly a half-mile from Saint Christopher Catholic Church, where the property was originally planned to be built in 2017. 

Previous plans for the park included a facility built through a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and an Urban Development and then pay the church $1 per year to lease 33 acres of land for 10 years. That site was scuttled after storm damage in conjunction with the church’s intent for future development on the property, according to Marana Communications Manager Vic Hathaway. The new park will cost $400,000 to build.

Hathaway said the newest iteration of the park, located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Marana, will add something for residents of all ages. 

“Honea Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Town of Marana, and home to many families,” Hathaway said. “In 2017, the Town of Marana began making incremental investments to these older neighborhoods by improving the roads, repairing the sidewalks, addressing sewer issues, and adding new parks. By gradually addressing specific projects, we can help preserve their historic character while providing the same modern amenities enjoyed by Marana’s more recently built neighborhoods.”

Marana Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy called the facility a game-changer for the town and its residents. 

“The addition of Honea Neighborhood Park will be wonderful public space for families to recreate and unwind,” Conroy said. “This Park facility will provide a state-of-the-art shaded playground area for children to be active and explore, as well as a basketball court for our teens to play and exercise.” 

Conroy cited the park’s features as its coup de gras, with an assortment of options that stand out from other facilities in the region. 

“The large ramada we are installing will also provide a great space for neighborhood families to enjoy family celebrations,” he said. “We are eager for this project to get underway and deliver another quality park facility for our residents to enjoy.”

The new park, which is estimated to open in early 2020, was designed by landscape architecture and planning firm, McGann & Associates, who are also helping the town implement the town’s parks and recreation master plan. 

Hathaway said the park will immediately serve as a point of pride, as it includes aspects that will allow the town to stand out in attracting future residents. 

“The Town of Marana is excited to add this new park amenity to Honea Heights Neighborhood, as we strive to improve the quality of life for all our Town residents,” Hathaway said. 

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