Porch fire

A 12-year old playing with a lighter caused this porch fire on Tuesday.

Courtesy Northwest Fire

Northwest Fire crews were called to the 3800 block of West Massingale Road just before 8:00 pm after a 12 year-old boy reported to his Grandmother that he had set the back porch on fire.  The child had obtained access to a lighter, wood sticks and a gasoline can and then started the fire. 

Fire crews arrived within minutes to find a portion of the back porch on fire.  A hose line was brought through the hose to the porch were the fire was extinguished within six minutes of their arrival.  Damages were contained to the backyard area and porch structure, but the fire was stopped before it reached the house.  Firefighters estimated that within minutes, the fire would have entered the home and damages would have been much worse.

No injuries were suffered by the family who were home at the time. As the fire started, the 12 year-old immediately informed his grandmother of the fire and everyone in the home safely evacuated out front to a meeting point.  This was credited with the early initiation of the 9-1-1 call and ultimately reduced damages and also prevented injuries.

Northwest Firefighters want to remind everyone that matches and lighters should be locked and kept out of reach of children at all times. Children should never have access to lighters or matches. Parents should take the time to educate their children of the hazards of playing with lighters and matches and the consequences that can result.

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