PCC Downtown Campus

PCC Downtown Campus

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Pima Community College is inviting the public to share insights about a report that represents a milestone for PCC as it emerges from probation.

A draft of the Monitoring Report to the Higher Learning Commission, the College’s accreditor, is available to read on the PCC website through Sunday, July 14. [http://www.pima.edu/about-pima/probation/monitoring/public-comment.html] The College is asking the public to comment through an accompanying online survey.

The Monitoring Report outlines PCC’s plan to conform with HLC practices relating to complaints and grievance procedures, and to faculty oversight of curriculum. Submitting the report by August 1 is one of the steps the HLC directed PCC to undertake when it placed the College in probation in April. [For more information, see the Pima Addresses Probation webpage.]

“By putting the report online and seeking public comment, we hope to signal a new era of collaboration and communication with the community,” says Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Jerry Migler. “The report is the culmination of the first stage of intense self-examination by PCC. We’re confident the result will be the lifting of probation and the re-establishment of full confidence in the College.”

PCC will make a good-faith effort to attempt to incorporate all applicable comments into the final draft of the Monitoring Report, Dr. Migler says, but it’s possible that some comments may be more appropriately handled via the more comprehensive Self-Study due to the HLC in July 2014.  Those comments will be saved and used in the preparation of that document. 

Comments will be anonymous and will be seen only by the Monitoring Report or Self-Study teams. Commenters are urged to limit their response to about 75 words and are asked to address the report’s content, clarity and tone.

Work on the Self-Study intensified June 28 when members of the community joined College faculty and staff at the 29th Street Coalition Center for an initial meeting of a dozen probation committees. Over the next year, these committees will undertake a thorough examination of each of the deficiencies identified by the HLC.

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