Wanting to keep Oro Valley a cleaner and more beautiful place, members of Girl Scout Troop 1084 approached the Town Council in April about adding permanent trashcans to Steam Pump Ranch. 

With the council’s approval, Troop 1084 completed their community project last week by painting the trashcans.

Troop leader Christina Smith said the girls were working on a journey called Agent of Change. During the three stages of the journey, the girls performed projects where they could demonstrate the power of themselves as a team, and as a community. 

For the community portion of the journey, the girls began to throw around the idea and concept of trash within different town parks. They quickly realized all of the parks in Oro Valley had numerous trashcans, but learned the town had to bring in trashcans for events at Steam Pump Ranch.

The idea then blossomed into writing a letter to the mayor and town council and then speaking before them at a council meeting. 

“We went through the whole process of what you have to do to speak before the mayor and the town council,” Smith said. “The girls got up there and did an awesome job.”

On April 17, the mayor and council directed Town Manager Greg Caton to purchase eight trashcans to be permanently placed at Steam Pump Ranch. After the cans were purchased, the girls came out to Steam Pump Ranch on May 28 to paint the cans.

“The girls were really passionate about the whole trashcan idea,” Smith said. “For them to go the town, talk to them, have [the town] agree to do that for them, and then invite them to come and paint them, it was a great opportunity for [the girls] to see how our town works and to be involved in the town.”

She added, “This journey, for the girls, has been an incredible experience in all ways – one that they will remember for many years to come. I am so proud of them.”

Kristy Diaz-Trahan, who is Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department Director, echoed her remarks.

“In my opinion, this is the perfect way for youth to learn about their local government,” Diaz-Trahan said. “They went out and saw something in their community that they thought needed to be improved. They presented it to mayor and council, and they saw quick action. They were able to work side-by-side with the department directly and then volunteer to do their work. 

“I think this shows the whole spirit of community engagement, how government can work, and the spirit of volunteerism.”

Diaz-Trahan said that if there are other members of civic groups in the community that either see something that needs improvement or would simply like to volunteer their time and efforts for the better good of the community, to call her at 229-5050.

“We have a lot of projects on our plate and we can just talk through some of these projects and see how best to put their skill-sets matched to what our needs are,” she said.

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