University of Arizona

All Pell Grant-eligible freshmen attending the University of Arizona living within the state will soon qualify to have the full cost of their tuition covered for four years.

The UA recently announced the launch of the Pell Pledge Grant, aimed at making “college more accessible for all Arizona students.” The program will launch for the fall 2020 semester.

"Student success is the most important way the University of Arizona serves our state, and it is crucial that all students who wish to pursue their higher education goals at Arizona have the support needed to make that happen," said UA President Robert C. Robbins, in a statement announcing the program. "We are committed to helping our students complete their degrees and launch fulfilling lives, and this is a vital part of that commitment. I am thrilled we are launching the Pell Pledge Grant, and I am excited for what this will mean for our students."

A Pell Grant is a subsidy provided by the federal government to students with financial need. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be repaid. To qualify for the Pell Pledge Grant, a student must qualify for Pell Grants, apply to the University of Arizona and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1, 2020, hold Arizona residency, be a domestic first-time freshman and attend the UA’s main campus.

"The Pell Pledge Grant represents an essential bond that our university holds with every family and student across our great state," said Kasey Urquidez, vice president of enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admissions, in a release. "I came to the University of Arizona as a first-generation student from a small Arizona town, so I personally understand the impact that recruiting, enrolling and supporting Arizona's diverse and high-potential students can have."

Last year, nearly nine out of 10 UA students received financial aid and roughly one-third were eligible for Pell Grants, according to the university.

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