A published book is often an author’s crowning achievement, but not for Alexis Powers whose pride and joy is found in teaching at a writer’s workshop in Oro Valley.

“Our goal in life is to be published,” said Powers. “The workshop has been going on for almost two years. I’ve never had this much success at a writer’s workshop.”

The workshop runs for two hours on the third Wednesday of every month. It is a time for those who attend to share an excerpt of what they have written, whether it is from a poem, short story, novel or devotional book. After sharing, people take time to encourage the writer to help motivate them. It is not a time for editing or corrections, but a time to build each of them up.

“I encourage them to write a half hour a day,” said Powers. “These people are publishing and that’s exciting. Writing has been a big achievement and vocation for me and there’s nothing better than holding that first book in your hand when it’s published.”

Powers has been writing most of her life and, since a young age, has enjoyed the art of literature. Her writing career took flight after she took a writing class at Pasadena City College and began writing her own novels. Her first book, Kiss My Tattoo, proved to be the stepping-stone for Powers - a story about a private detective, captured in 320 pages that grabbed the attention of her readers. With the positive response and outcome, Powers continued to write.

She went on to write more books including a memoir and three novels, which she co-wrote. Aside from writing, Powers has spoken at numerous lectures and written columns, including a weekly column in the Arizona Daily Star. Out of all her accomplishments though, the workshop has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

On Nov. 10, the writers from her workshop will have a book signing from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Oro Valley Public Library where they will display their published work.

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