Make Art Not Graffiti

Northwest side students did well in Pima County’s anti-graffiti poster contest.

The winner was Nicholas Daniels, 14, a student at Sonoran Science Academy. The runners up were Alyssa Fierro, 9, Copper Creek Elementary School; Bethany Fierro, 12, Cross Middle School; Iyonia Stark, 16, Marana High School; and David Ramirez, 17, Las Artes Arts & Education Center.

Artwork was submitted by 17 young people ages 9 through 18.

The winner will get a $100 gift card and his artwork was used to create the new Pima County anti-graffiti poster, which will be distributed to schools, libraries and community centers. The runners-up will each get a $25 gift card. The winner and runners-up will also be recognized at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 2.

The Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) program in the Pima County Department of Transportation was created in 2006 to immediately abate graffiti on all public properties and to assist private property owners in unincorporated Pima County in dealing with graffiti.

TAAG has handled more than 3,300 calls for graffiti cleanup and abated more than 1.3 million square feet of graffiti in the last three years.

To report graffiti or seek assistance from TAAG, call 520-792-8224 (TAAG) or email Or use the free “MYPIMACOUNTY” smart phone app.

Get the app or more information at

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