Town of Marana to gain top panel on new freeway monument sign at I-10

The Marana Town Council approved a measure to acquire the top portion of a $60,000 freeway monument sign near the interchange of Interstate 10 and Marana Road on during the March 4 regular meeting.

The two-faced monument sign will be built on the southwest corner of the Chevron gas station. The Town of Marana will be able to design the wording and logo for their section of the monument, which will be built by YESCO, an independent sign company. Once the wording and logo is determined, the developer must approve the design. 

The cost of the sign is $60,000, plus the additional monthly charge for the lighting and a reface every 10 years to keep it in good repair. 

Mayor Ed Honea believes the sign will draw in visitors as well as bring recognition to Marana’s work and services in the community.

“I think what this will do is help identify the strategic headquarters for the town,” he said. “This will tell where the primary building for the Town of Marana is, where the headquarters for the Marana Health Center is, the fire station and the Marana School District. This is going to become a government service center and it’s nice to have a large monument like this that identifies as to where we are and what’s going on.”

Below the top portion of the monument will be an electronic signage and five panels for other advertisers that are on site. The Town of Marana will only own the top portion of the sign, but will be able to rent the electronic signage if they want to. The display board could be used to identify events in the town, said Honea. If the town decides to change their sign, they will do so at their own expense with developer approval. The town is currently in the process designing the wording and logo.

In other business, the town also approved an ordinance that will amend the zoning and procedures for the Marana Land Development Code. The uses permitted in county zoning districts are usually different than the uses permitted in the Marana zoning district. This often causes problems once a county area is annexed into a Marana district. 

The proposed change in the ordinance will add the four words of “conditional uses upon annexation” for all zoning translations, which would allow property owners to bring in any zoning conditions that they had in the county over into Marana. The conditions can be whatever the property owner deems is necessary, but cannot be greater than what was originally used in the county. Prior to the change, owners often dealt with more restrictive zoning once being annexed into Marana. The ordinance change will allow for an easier transition for property owners.

Frank Cassidy, town attorney for Marana, gave the example of the San Joaquin property located on Twin Peaks Road and Tiffany Loop, whose zoning conditions don’t allow hotels. This pre-annexation development agreement will now allow the property owner to have hotels by way of the “conditional uses upon annexation” translation.

The council approved the pre-annexation agreement as well as a few additional uses for the San Joaquin property that is located on Twin Peaks Road and Tiffany Loop.

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