Melissa Ann Dalton

Melissa Ann Dalton, an art teacher with Ironwood Ridge High School, was indicted for having sex with students on Tuesday.

According to the Oro Valley Police report, Ironwood Ridge High School art teacher Melissa Ann Dalton admitted to having intercourse and oral sex on multiple occasions with two male students.

Dalton was indicted Tuesday on six counts of sexual conduct with a minor (class two felony), one count of furnishing obscene or harmful items to a minor (class four felony), and one count of sexual conduct with a minor under 18 (class six felony).

Dalton was released from the Pima County Jail on $7,500 bond.

Oro Valley police were notified of the alleged incidents on April 30 when the parents of a 15-year-old student contacted school administrators.

The parents found out about the alleged incident after the ninth grader told his cousin that Dalton performed oral sex on him in the back of her art room on April 27.

The clothing the student was wearing that day was taken for DNA evidence, including his underwear, which he had discarded in the trashcan in his bedroom because his parents said he wanted to forget the incident ever happened.

A police official said Dalton was charged with furnishing obscene or harmful items to a minor because while she performed oral sex, she had another male student in the room watching.

Dalton allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with the 16-year-old student who watched the encounter with her freshman student.The student had been bragging for weeks about having sex with Dalton.

Both Dalton and the student admitted that they had intercourse twice in her car, once in the classroom, and on a separate occasion in the student's bedroom.

The student told police she had driven them to a dirt road near Wilson Elementary School just before rodeo week. She proceeded to climb on top of him and they had intercourse. They drove to the same location about 10 days after the first incident occurred.

Students were able to describe a scar Dalton had underneath her belly button. Police took photographs of Dalton at police headquarters, stating the physical characteristics were consistent with student statements.

While the student claims Dalton came after him, Dalton told police the student continued to seduce her until she couldn’t say no anymore.

The 16-year-old also admitted to police that Dalton had driven to his house on April 16 when his parents were out of town. According to the student’s statement, Dalton put her dog in her car so she could tell her husband he was missing at 1 a.m. She drove to the student’s house, went into his bedroom where they engaged in intercourse.

The student told police that she was wearing pink lingerie under her sweat suit. Police recovered a pair of pink underwear from the student’s bedroom, and reported the top piece of the lingerie was found in her vehicle, which was impounded as evidence.

After initially denying the incidents, after questioning, Dalton admitted that, “things went too far” with both students.

Dalton, who was placed on paid administrative leave from the Amphitheater School District, told the students she needed them because her marriage wasn’t going well.

According to the police, students said Dalton had also sent them multiple text messages, explicit photos and one of the students allegedly recorded her when she admitted to having sex with the 16-year-old.

However, students said they had erased the data. Through assistance from a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, a picture matching Dalton’s description was recovered from one of the phones. The photograph is of Dalton taking a picture of herself from a reflection in a bathroom mirror. In the photo, she is wearing black lingerie.

On May 7, Oro Valley police obtained a warrant for Dalton’s DNA.

Dalton is said to be staying with a relative in Chandler.

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Sarah Metz-Wood

What would drive a mature woman to do this to young boys? What are we coming to? My goodness. Thankfully this predator has been revealed but it makes you wonder how many other situations like this exist out there that don't go reported. My hopes and prayers to the families. Even her's.


This was my third grade art teacher at Casas Christian.... she was my favorite teacher. I really hope theres more to this story.. if not.. i guess people make mistakes.

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