Gov. Jan Brewer toured the Town of Oro Valley’s Ventana Medical Systems and Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare on Feb. 11 to learn more about how the companies have found success in the bioscience industry.

Brewer, who also spoke with local officials about promoting and expanding the high-tech industry, said bioscience is an evolving field that will prove crucial to the state in coming years.

“Bioscience is so important to Arizona and Arizona’s economy,” she said. “What they’ve done down here in Tucson between Ventana and Sanofi is absolutely amazing.”

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., where Brewer made her first stop, has become renowned for delivering medical diagnostic systems and biopsy based cancer tests.

Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare is an industry leader in disease treatment and prevention.

Brewer said it is reassuring to know that such business exist locally because it creates competition and appeal.

“High-tech is very, very important, because it is something that creates high-paying salaries... and that money goes back into the economy.”

Though her trip focused on a specific workplace industry, Brewer said the state continues to expand the job market on a broader basis.

“We in the Arizona Congress Authority are trying to encourage companies and people to come to Arizona and stay in Arizona, and grow that job market, because that’s what it’s all about.”

Brewer’s trip to Oro Valley comes shortly after her return from Mexico, where she was and state delegates discussed cross-border opportunities for economic advancement. 

Forbes Magazine recently ranked Arizona as the number one state for anticipated job growth.

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