Earlier today, the Pima Regional Bomb Squad responded to the Northwest Fire District’s station at the corner of Ina and Shannon roads in response to a report of a suspicious package in a car. The package turned out to be a laptop.

Pima County Deputy Tracy Suitt, the Public Information Officer for district, said a woman, Uwem Umoh, got in her car late Tuesday morning and found a package in her car. She told police that the package was not in her car the last time she was in it Sunday evening.

She drove her car, with the package in it, to the station from her home near Linda Vista and Thornydale. At 11:40 a.m., deputies responded to the fire station.

It was later determined that the bag had a laptop in it. Deputies hope to find the rightful owner of the laptop and to return it.

“After the suspicious package that was found at Bedrocks, we thought it was best to call the bomb squad in and check the vehicle to make sure everything was ok,” Suitt said.

“People are being more vigilant when they see a suspicious package and they are doing something about it. However…if any one should get in their vehicle and see a suspicious package, instead of driving somewhere, it is best to leave your vehicle immediately and get a safe distance and then call 9-1-1. And if you do have a suspicious package in your vehicle while you are driving, don’t use your cellphone because that could set it off. Today we are lucky nothing like that occurred.” 

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