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Shame on you, Solomon

Per the Dec. 6 Town Council meeting. Councilmember Steve Solomon seems to think if anyone doesn’t love everything about Oro Valley and the actions of its town council, they should leave and go live somewhere else. 

He nastily stated that if “you hate Oro Valley so much, you should leave.” We love Oro Valley, and that is why we speak up when we see it headed in what we think is the wrong direction. 

Other members of the town council were visibly rude to members of the audience, but councilmember Solomon was the worst. Councilmember Solomon would do well to remember that it is never wise for an elected official to be nasty to his constituents.

— April Dinsdale 


A developer’s dream

I sat through several hours of Wednesday’s council meeting and was impressed by the developer steamroller our council has become.

A standing room only crowd showed up to protest the proposed General Plan changes and rezoning for new developments. I had not attended a rezoning meeting for a couple of years, and had not seen our 7-0 council in action. It was smooth. The 2016 election displaced two  naysayers with the former chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission councilmember Bill Rodman, and a Oro Valley developer councilmember Steve Solomon.

The presentation of the General Plan Changes by WLB (a contributor)  went smooth as silk, professional powerpoint, rehearsed at neighborhood meetings. The only questions were by councilmembers to reinforce the applicant’s strong points.

At the end of each agenda item, members from the audience were allowed to speak for three minutes.

Speakers spoke passionately against resolution 17-51 Tangerine North extending the town planning boundary and designating 302 acres of State Trust land as master planned community. Each speaker received applause in spite of admonitions by the mayor. Approved 7-0.

Continuing, a 76-acre residential development east of Shannon road and south of Ironwood High School was approved after hearing area residents voice density and flood control concerns. The council realized this issued allowed them to invoke town staff experts and spent a hour running out the clock on a non issue. Approved 7-0.

The Big Wash discussion started at 10 p.m. with only 40 night owls remaining. Again, residents spoke against the mayor representing the developer’s case. Council member Solomon then berated attendees for their lack of knowledge of Arizona  land rights that he as a developer understood. Approved 7-0.

All developer requests approved 7-0;  mission accomplished.

—Jim Horn

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