Last week, local author Patty Vallance dropped off 28 copies of the book she wrote for the classes at Copper Creek Elementary School.

On Friday, Vallance came to the school along with four Golder Ranch Fire District firefighters to present the book to the students and for her to sign copies.

Last year, Vallance’s book “Born to Wear Blue” was published. The book, which was inspired by taking numerous ride-alongs with firefighters, not only teaches children about the men and women who are firefighters, but it also acts as a tool to inform children about emergencies.

 “The book is authentically taking kids through the process of calling 9-1-1, when and how to call, and that it is OK to cry when you are scared,” Vallance said about the book. “It is about the integrity, courage and honor of firefighters.”

After the story about firefighters, the book has a portion for parents to talk to their kids about how and when to properly call 9-1-1. It also talks about the dangers of bees, rattlesnakes and other desert creatures.

 Vallance, who had no history with being a firefighter, took the initiative to learn what it takes to be a firefighter so she could make a children’s book.

Vallance, and the illustrator Veronika Devyatiyarova signed over their intellectual properties and copyrights of the book to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation. The foundation is currently donating 225 copies of the book. Each school within the department’s district will receive copies of the book.

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