After hundreds of flights have been delayed each day, Congress passed a bill that would end furloughs for the Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers

Congress has approved a bill that will end furloughs that have delayed hundreds of flights daily for air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers were part of the sequester, which has caused various cuts in the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA furloughed the controllers as part of the government-wide, $85 billion in spending cuts called the sequester.

The measure passed the House Friday morning 361-41, after passing through the Senate on Thursday.

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said, “I support the action by Congress this week to provide the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the flexibility it needs to keep air traffic controllers on the job and flights on schedule,” said Senator John McCain. “However, it is shameful for us to make allowances for the FAA while doing nothing to stop the draconian cuts that are decimating our military today and putting our nation's security in danger. Dealing with the impacts of sequestration on a case-by-case basis does nothing to fix the underlying issue and prolongs this damaging policy. While Congress gives flexibility to the FAA, our military aircraft don’t fly and our ships don’t sail.

"Just this week, the Chief of Staff of the Army stated that the draconian spending cuts will force the Army to cut an additional 100,000 troops while compromising 'our ability to respond' to national security challenges around the world, including on the Korean Peninsula. We must act to protect America's security and fulfill our responsibilities to the men and women of our armed forces.”

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John Flanagan

It is now time for the American people to rise from indifference and hold Obama, the Democrats, and the Repiblicans all equally responsible for our financial mess. Since the news media has made no secret of its' continued worship of Obama and his administration, the truth of his fiscal ineptness and socialist leanings will continue to be overlooked. Obama is a power monger and is always campaigning to keep the Democrats in office at all costs. Sadly, we can no longer trust the mainstream left wing media to tell the American people the honest truth about our financial condition. Like Obama, instead of recognizing the mess, the media jumps on the tired strategy of blaming the Republicans.

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