Fourth of July

Celebrate the nation on Fourth of July.

Back on July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted for independence from Great Britain and two days later delegates from all 13 colonies set history in motion (with the help of Thomas Jefferson) by signing and adopting the Declaration of Independence. 

And while some of the founding fathers believed the birth of the United States of America should be celebrated two days earlier, Fourth of July celebrations became a staple of this nation’s culture since that fateful day in Philadelphia. Now, we mark the occasion with barbecues, pool parties and plenty of outdoor games—a far cry from the Revolutionary War, during which the Declaration of Independence was drafted.

The scenery may have changed, but the same, fiercely independent pride felt by Americans has not, and for that we celebrate. We also celebrate the expansive freedoms we enjoy as Americans: the right to free speech, to demonstrate, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds enjoy these freedoms, and for that we should be thankful.

So, in an era filled with derision of national and local politics, where sides seem more entrenched over ideological differences than any time in recent memory, remember that each and every one of us share a common bond as Americans. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians—for one day, try to identify simply as a human being trying to enjoy their time on the Earth.

So, crack a cold one, pull up a chair and enjoy the light show!

Even though there’s one fewer work day on the calendar this week, the news never sleeps, and the Tucson Local Media staff is still out and about in Marana and Oro Valley, looking for the latest and most interesting news to fill these pages. It’s a task which always presents a new challenge (especially in this heat) but one which we cherish as journalists.

Plenty happened on Tucson’s north side this last week, aside from the most recent news about the tragic shooting that took place last month near Cortaro Farms and Interstate 10: Associate Editor Jeff Gardner celebrated the career of Southern Arizona Research, Science and Education Foundation CEO Kathleen Bethel, who said “goodbye” to her loving work family after a decade at the helm; our friends at Arizona Mirror provided an excellent wrap up on the most recent Arizona legislative session from the perspective of local businesses; University of Arizona graduate student and intern Meredith O’Neil sat down with the new executive chef at Penca; and sports writer Christopher Boan puts a bow on Tucson’s inaugural indoor football season. And that’s just a taste of the action.

It’s a busy week, to say the least, and we’ve got plenty more on the horizon, so stay tuned. To stay up to date onthe latest developments, keep an eye on And if you think there’s something going on we should know about, make sure to drop a line at

As a final note, I would be remiss to not say goodbye to Tirion Morris, who served as our Web Editor for the last year, and who’s since moved on to Phoenix to work as the new food writer for The Arizona Republic.

We will miss you, Tirion. Make sure to visit!

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