For the fourth consecutive year, a Mountain View High School Student has won the Lanny Williams Award, which recognizes the state’s top student athletic trainers.

Mountain View senior Haley Jones received the award earlier this month along with a $500 High School Athletic Trainer Student of the Year scholarship. The scholarship is given to three students in the state of Arizona.

The award has been given out to a senior high school athletic training student aide who demonstrates an excellent work ethic, character, leadership qualities, academic achievements, experience and competency as a student athletic trainer. Mountain View has now had 18 students receive the award.

The school’s principal, Patricia Cadigan, and the school’s athletic trainer, Leah Oliver, nominated Jones for the award.

Oliver, who has been with the school for the past 23 years, noticed Jones’ drive her freshman year.

“I knew if she continued the way she was going, that she would be a great candidate for winning the award because she goes way above and beyond what other student athletic trainers do,” Oliver said.

Jones, 17, started working in the athletic training program at Mountain View her freshman year and continued doing so for four years, working with all of the school’s sports programs. She stayed after school almost every day and also sometimes came in on the weekends, putting in an additional 30 hours a week beyond her other school work.

“I put in so much time into athletic training over the course of high school and you don’t really get recognized for it,” Jones said. “It was really good to be recognized. In sports, if you win a game or a state championship (you get recognized). The athletic trainers are kind of in the background the whole time and its just great to be recognized and to win this award.”

Along with performing the duties of an athletic trainer within the sports at her school, Jones also assisted at the college football All-Star game held at Kino Sports Complex and at the Tucson Rodeo. She helped teach the younger students anatomy and physiology and helps to create lesson plans. Oliver said she also tutors other students at the school in science and math.   

“She’s just a phenomenal person,” Oliver said.

Jones plans to study at the University of Arizona and get her physiology degree. From there, she plans to get her Physician Assistant degree.

Her drive to work in the medical field did not begin in high school, but when she was much younger and she has never been squeamish about blood or broken bones.

“I’ve known ever since I was six years old,” Jones said. “I’ve always watched those medical shows on TV, and loved everything about them. I’ve always known I have wanted to be in the medical field, it was just been a matter of picking what career I wanted to be in.”

Along with working in the athletic training program at the school, Jones participates in several other programs at Mountain View, including the National Honors Society, the Health and Medical Leadership Team, and Jones is in the top five percent of her class.

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