David Dahl

David Dahl passed away Dec. 14, and is remember as a loving member of his local community.

Longtime Golder Ranch Fire District board member David Dahl passed away Dec. 14, leaving behind a wife, two children and a legacy of charity. Dahl was appointed as a board member on Aug. 9, 2007, working over a decade and settling into his role as the Clerk of the Board. 

“He’s probably one of the most generous people I knew,” said Golder Ranch Fire District Chief Randy Karrer. “He really took time to meet all the employees and make sure everyone was happy.” 

According to Chief Karrer, who knew Dahl since 2010, the former’s care for others shined particularly bright during the holidays, when he purchased gifts for all of the children of the fire department employees. 

“He basically donated his own money to buy Christmas gifts for the department kids,” Karrer said. “He was definitely one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, always trying to give back to the community. That’s always what I’ll remember about David.” 

Although he passed away Dec. 14, and dealt with existing health issues long before then, Dahl still took time to purchase holiday gifts for the department kids this year. The Golder Ranch holiday party took place the day after Dahl’s passing, and much of it was spent in remembrance. 

“It was tough, because of course we were thankful, but at the same time we missed him,” Karrer said. “It was kind of a humble atmosphere.” 

Coming to Tucson from the Seattle area working as a first responder, Dahl’s board member companions remember him as a wealth of knowledge in emergency responder fields. 

“He had a really good way of communicating where you could understand exactly what he was talking about, which was especially helpful to me,” said GRFD Voerning Board chair Vicki Cox-Golder. “He brought knowledge of what kind of equipment and trucks the district should use, and it actually ended up saving us money.” 

Dahl also held a position on the local pension board during his tenure with the district, helping district members with their finances, retirements and future plans. 

“Obviously, in this line of work you see a lot of people at their worst,” Karrer said. “So when you saw someone as caring as him, it could really change your outlook.” 

Dahl and his wife, Camille, regularly attended events and fundraisers for community members, as well as events supporting firefighter health and safety. Members of the fire district recall how Dahl would even stop by the fire stations and administrative offices, saying hello and inquiring about the well being of employees and their families.

“He just loved and adored Camille,” Cox-Golder said. “He made a significant difference to everyone.” 

Dahl will be missed by his family, who are also deeply involved in the community and fire district, and by the Golder Ranch family, many of whom he knew well. 

“It’s a huge loss.” Karrer said. “David Dahl really cared.” 

A memorial service for Dahl is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 7, 2019 at 11 a.m. at the SaddleBrookeOne club house, located at 64500 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd.

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