Marana Municipal Complex

The mayors of Oro Valley and Marana both issued declarations of emergency on Tuesday, strongly advising local businesses and restaurants to institute social distancing procedures, and for the latter to move to carry-out and deliver-only services.

The two municipalities' decision comes after Tucson Mayor Regina Romero issued a proclamation calling for the closure of all bars, gyms "and other specific venues stated in the proclamation where groups of people congregate" beginning at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Romero also ordered restaurants to move to carry-out or delivery services.

“I want to reiterate that food being served by our restaurants is safe," Romero stated. "It is the congregation of individuals in a dine-in setting that is unsafe.”

While Tucson has closed establishments, Oro Valley and Marana have not.

According to Town of Oro Valley Communications Administrator Misti Nowak, the town is following the guidelines currently laid out by the county, but are constantly evaluating its procedures.

If the county calls for mandated closures, Oro Valley will follow suit, Nowak said.

According to Marana Communications and Special Events Manager Vic Hathaway, the town considers the situation to be "very fluid," adding that procedures may change at any time.

Pima County is expected to issue recommendations regarding local restaurants and bars. Pima County spokesman Mark Evans told Tucson Local Media that the Pima County Health Department leadership and the Health Department’s Consumer Health and Food Safety Division has met this week with representatives from the food and beverage sector “to discuss strategies for restaurants and bars to meet the social distancing guidelines from the state and federal government and still remain in business. That discussion will inform the Health Department's and County Administration's recommended social distancing guidance for restaurants and bars in Pima County, which should be announced soon.”

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