Record visitors to Reid Park Zoo

John Hubbard and fiancée Ashley Engle look at Mabu, one of the elephants within the new Expedition Tanzania area of the Reid Park Zoo.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

In 2013, Reid Park Zoo hosted 547,040 visitors, making it the second highest attended year in the history of the Zoo (2012 saw record attendance with the opening of Expedition Tanzania). 2013 highlights included the opening of Grizzly Crossing--a new habitat for two grizzly bears siblings rescued from Montana--and the addition of a pair of endangered black and white ruffed lemurs. Several new bird species were also introduced, including blue-crowned motmots and white-face whistling ducks. The Zoo’s signature events, Howl-o-Ween and Zoolights, brought in record crowds while providing engaging activities for the community during the holiday season. Additionally, the education department provided 661 programs serving 18,558 people-both on Zoo grounds and in local facilities such as schools and public libraries.

“We are very pleased to see these numbers,” comments Zoo

Administrator Jason Jacobs, “all of our new exhibits and amenities are a great investment for the future of Tucson and wildlife conservation.

With every new exhibit that opens we are improving the quality of life for the community and are now consistently providing over half a million visitors with the opportunity to experience and connect with wildlife.”

Over the past decade, new exhibits and visitor amenities at the Zoo have included Expedition Tanzania, the Conservation Learning Center, Kenya Get Wet, and Grizzly Crossing. The Zoo is operated by the City of Tucson’s Parks and Recreation Department and partners with the Reid Park Zoological Society to fund capital improvements and new exhibits.

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