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A cooking fire damaged the kitchen of a town home, displacing the resident in the 2500 block of East Prince Road late Saturday night. The resident was heating up oil for cooking purposes when the oil flashed. The resident initially called 9-1-1 and reported that the pan had caught fire but the fire was out. A second call was made to 9-1-1 stating the kitchen was now on fire. The resident was advised to evacuate the apartment. A single engine company was initially dispatched for the fire reported out but they were upgraded to emergency traffic, lights and sirens, and a full alarm dispatch was filled out given the additional information. The first engine company on scene advised heavy black smoke was coming from town home and they would be pulling hose lines inside to perform a search and extinguish the fire. The ladder crew controlled the utilities and then cut a hole in the roof to allow the smoke to escape and cool down the interior. The engine company was able to confine the fire to the kitchen, preventing the fire from spreading to the rest of the town home or neighboring homes. The fire was controlled 15 minutes after the first unit arrived on scene. Eight units and twenty-one firefighters responded to the fire with no personnel suffering any injuries. The town home was not deemed livable and the resident was going to be staying with family for assistance. .

Origin – Kitchen Stove

Cause – Accidental cooking fire, oil was left unattended as it was warming up

Damages Estimate -Yet to be determined

Safety Message: Cooking causes close to half of all reported house fires. Unattended cooking is by far the leading contributor to those fires. Always stay close and have an extinguisher or lid ready in case the oil ignites.

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