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At 11:31 a.m. a 9-1-1 call came in from a hiking group at the Gates Pass trailhead. The woman suffered injuries as a result of a fall while hiking. She was reported as stable with a leg injury secondary to a fall.

At 1:30 p.m. the 31 year-old female was rescued through a stokes basket in just under 2 hours.

The two women hiking were from out of town, but did have water and communications. Which was helpful in alerting rescuers to their location.

The patient was transported in stable condition to UAMC for treatment of her injuries.


As the hiking season gets into full swing, Northwest Fire reminds viewers: 

• Use the buddy system

• Never out hike your capabilities.  You should consider the trail difficulties and hike within your limitations

• Wear proper hiking footwear, dress in layers, use sunscreen

• Always bring extra water, drink often.  Avoid alcohol before and during a hike

• Always have a charged cell phone with you.  

• Always advise a friend or family member of your plans and return times, let them know when you are safely back 





Northwest Fire District units are currently on scene at the Gates Pass trailhead to rescue a 31-year-old woman that has suffered injuries as a result of a fall while hiking.

Technical rescue units are arriving to assist crews on the scene and they are hiking approximately one mile up the Gates Pass trailhead to reach the victim.

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