Governor Jan Brewer today appointed Juvenile Court Commissioner Kathleen Ann Quigley to the Pima County Superior Court.

Commissioner Quigley, 53, has served an important role in the Pima County legal community since 1987. A Pima County Juvenile Court Commissioner since 2009, she previously served as a Pima County Juvenile Court Hearing Officer (2003-2009) and as Deputy Pima County Attorney (1987-2003).

“With 25 years of service to Pima County and southern Arizona, Kathleen has established a solid and commendable reputation,” said Governor Brewer. “Kathleen has expertise in juvenile, criminal and tribal law, and is a renowned advocate of victims’ rights. I am confident she will continue to serve Pima County and the citizens of Arizona with distinction in her new role.”

Commissioner Quigley has 16 years of experience prosecuting cases, including major felonies. She also is highly-regarded for her expertise regarding the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and has spoken at national conferences on ICWA Law, assisted collaboration between state and tribal courts and implemented a statewide training program regarding ICWA cases.

Commissioner Quigley is a member of the Arizona Woman Lawyers Association, is a longtime volunteer with the National High School Mock Trial program and mentors first-year students at the University of Arizona College of Law. She was a member of the Pima County Bar Association (PCBA) Board of Directors (1992-1998).

Commissioner Quigley earned a Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University (1980), and received her Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona College of Law (1986).

The Governor’s appointment of Kathleen Ann Quigley was made to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Clark W. Munger.

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