Nov. 8, 2012, was a regular day for both Chuck Boreman and Golder Ranch Fire District Captain Steve Drury.  While they did not know each other, a workout at a local gym would change that forever.  That morning, Boreman experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, brought on by a clogged artery that he did not know he had.  That is when Drury and a group of other off duty first responders came to his aid.

Drury, along with two DPS Officers, an Avra Valley Reserve Firefighter, and a cardiac nurse from Northwest Hospital, immediately began performing CPR on Boreman, utilizing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that was on site at the gym as well.  As EMS units arrived on scene, the team had restored Boreman’s pulse and he was breathing on his own.  He awoke during the transport and was told of the event, and the assistance that was provided to him.

Since that time, Boreman has been diligently tracking down each of those off duty first responders who came to his aid that day, personally thanking them. 

Today, he and Drury met for the first time since Nov. 8. Drury received a letter from Boreman, as well as the Fire Chief’s Special Recognition Award this morning during the Golder Ranch Fire District’s monthly governing board meeting.

Boreman had this to say about Captain Drury:

“The word altruistic could be used to describe this man, but that would not be sufficient to understand everything he did for me. I was a total stranger to him, had no pulse, and had very little chance of surviving this episode.

“I feel blessed and fortunate to have had this man along with others lend assistance to me when I had my heart attack. To me the actions of this man not only speak louder than any words I could say, but speak volumes about his character and integrity.”

Drury was happy to be in the right place at the right time, with other first responders to lend a hand.  “I was just one person in a group that came to help Chuck, but I am very happy that he is doing well and that I was there to help.”   

There are five links in the Cardiac Arrest Chain of Survival as published by the American Heart Association.  The first three: Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest, early CPR, and rapid defibrillation, all occurred in this event, thanks to the training of the off duty first responders who were on site that day.  Golder Ranch Fire District hosts monthly classes in CPR.  For more information, please visit our website at

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