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Summer is just around the corner, which means the need for food is about to become greater than at other times of the year. Children who eat free or reduced-price lunches at their schools are home during the summer months, and already-struggling families must find a way to feed them.

Many look to the Interfaith Community Services (ICS) Food Bank to fill the void, and as always, ICS wants to be ready. That’s why this year for the first time, the nonprofit social services organization is participating in the Feinstein March/April $1 Million Challenge.

The Rhode Island-based philanthropy is the brainchild of Alan Shawn Feinstein, who for the 17th consecutive year is divvying up $1 million among nonprofit hunger-fighting agencies nationwide.

He has asked that agencies who wish to participate keep track of the donations they take in from advertising the challenge, including cash, checks, and food items – which are valued at $1 per pound. 

The million dollars that Feinstein has put aside for this year’s challenge will be divided proportionally among all participating agencies, with a minimum contribution of $250 and a maximum contribution of $35,000. That means the more food that comes in by the end of April, the higher the potential match from the Feinstein Foundation.

Last year alone, the independently run ICS Food Bank distributed $1.6 million worth of food to 21,883 individuals in 6,682 households, and the numbers have continued to rise each month this year.

Over the years through the springtime $1 Million Challenge, Feinstein has raised more than $2 billion for more than 1,800 agencies nationwide that help the needy. Those who donate to this campaign become partners in the most successful ongoing grassroots effort ever to fight hunger.

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