Adam Scafede and Flor Preciado

Adam Scafede and Flor Preciado won Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes For Teachers grants. 

Two teachers from Tortolita Middle School each won a 5,000 dollar grant through the Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers program.

Out of the 4,100 plus teachers who applied for the grants from around the state, Adam Scafede and Flor Preciado bring the prize home to their classrooms. 

Scafede will use his grant to provide technology for his seventh and eighth grade students to learn engineering and design through using Underwater ROVs. 

“These skills will allow our students to see real-world applications of the things they are learning now in school with the use of remote operated vehicles,” Mr. Scafede said in a release.

Preciado will use her grant to bring art supplies and a new interactive projector to her Spanish classes. 

“Access to supplies is tremendously beneficial for students as they study and learn Spanish culture and language through the context of art and the projects they create,” Precaido said in a release.

Since its creation in 2016, the Fiesta Bowl Wishes For Teachers program has been helping teachers across Arizona make their classroom wishes a reality for their students.

Teachers were honored on the field at the Cheez-It Bowl Dec. 26 and at the Fiesta Bowl Parade on Dec. 29.  

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