Jo Holt

Jo Holt

Jo Holt filed her 2014 candidacy today for the Arizona State Senate, representing Legislative District 11 on the Democratic ticket.  Jo identifies herself as a moderate pragmatist who will represent the people of her district regardless of their political affiliation, and who will maintain a presence in their local communities.

In this spirit, Jo has continued to meet with people throughout LD11 this year, as she did during her campaign for the state senate seat in 2012. A resident of Oro Valley and a retired research scientist, Jo supports a strong business economy in Arizona in which small businesses can compete on a level playing field, and have every opportunity to grow and prosper.  As part of her emphasis on business, Jo believes “It is absolutely necessary that we get serious about supporting our public school system and its teachers so that Arizona businesses have the workforce to innovate and compete.” She said, “This election is about uniting our communities to find real ways to improve Arizona. After listening to people from around this district, I’m convinced that we have far more in common than we think. There is a boundless energy and optimism in Arizona that deserves leaders who are willing to put people before special interests and political gamesmanship – it’s time for change.”

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John Flanagan

There are problems with supporting Holt for Senate. Like most of today's Democrats, her comments concerning opposition to the defunding of Planned Parenthood and her pro-choice position leads me to feel she has no compassion for unborn children who will be killed in the womb. Since 93 percent of abortions are for convenience alone, without any health issues involving the mother, and since even late term abortion is acceptable to most contemporary Democrats, Holt is merely another politician who will probably be endorsed by Planned Parenthood.
With about 50 million unborn children destroyed because of their inconvenient conceptions over the past 40 years, this dismal record should be considered shameful. Instead, pro-choice politicians wear their positions on abortion for convenience as a badge of honor.
One can argue about who is the best office holder to handle job stimulation, tax revenues, education spending, and foreign policy, but these issues do not rise to the core position on the value of life.
If the lives of the unborn children of America have no concern by some who are seeking political office, than we need to pass such candidates by and vote for those with enough humanity to speak for the voiceless, and end this national disgrace rightly defined as infanticide.

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