Whether it’s for driving around on a golf course or for getting to the recreation center in a timely and inexpensive manner, Golf Cars of Arizona, provides a wide variety of vehicles to the Tucson area.

The store sells and rents out all brands of golf cars. When the first of the four stores in Arizona opened, more than 20 years ago, only electric golf cars were being sold. Now gas and electric golf cars are sold. Over the years, the era of carburetors and distributors passed by and new, elaborately designed golf cars were developed. Now, golf cars run better, drive better, last longer, can carry larger loads and hold more people.

With all of the improvements and upgrades, Golf Cars of Arizona was forced to keep up. New owner, Dareck Makowski, who took over in April 2012, made it his priority to make the store more professional looking and a more comfortable shopping experience. In addition to store improvements, Makowski started renting vehicles as well - something that was not previously done.

The store now carries more brands, rentals, offers custom upholstery that is done in-house, and carries a commercial line of club cars - many of which are sold to larger industries. The three other Golf Cars of Arizona stores are located in Green Valley, Catalina and Sierra Vista.

What has kept Golf Cars of Arizona in business is its golf car services, customer service and the demographics in which it serves. Retirement communities and major golf courses all bring in a frequent and steady flow of customers.

“The more of those they make (golf courses or retirement communities), the more opportunities we have,” said Terry Hill, operations manager. “When you hit an age where you move into a community like that and you enjoy the game of golf or the mobility of having a small vehicle that doesn’t use any gas or uses very little - it become very appealing.”

About 40 percent of the store’s customers don’t even golf. The use of the golf car, for retirement communities, is primarily used for just getting around, according to Hill. Green Valley, for example, is one of the more popular areas for golf car use. Speed limits have even been adjusted in order to accommodate the many golf cars driving around.

The future hope from Makowski is to expand the stores rental services to out of local areas and delve into the Phoenix and Yuma market. Hill also added that they are looking into possibly adding off-road vehicles. But for now, providing knowledgeable and courteous services are of the utmost priority.

“That is the one thing that sets us distinctively apart,” said Hill. “Our professionalism and our attitude and also in our presentation. The nice show room. It’s just different from what you may normally encounter.”

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