In our present digital age, businesses and communities have to stay ahead of demand in order to meet the needs of their customers or residents. If you aren’t moving ahead, you’re falling behind.

To keep up with what our citizens and business community need, we will soon be rolling out not just a redesigned but reimagined website that will represent our growing community. When the new debuts, it will mark several months of research and work designed to create a web presence that meets or exceeds sites offered by cities and towns our size and even larger.

The new site features a streamlined design with greater flexibility. We’re breaking away from a content management system used primarily by the public sector and moving to Squarespace. Companies and major retailers including Cisco, DKNY, HBO and Target have sites built on Squarespace platforms. This move furthers the town’s commitment to think differently and often borrow best practices from the private sector to serve our customers.

The emphasis is on improving customer service. Staff is working diligently with all our departments, most notably those that interact most often with the public. The result is a better user experience in important areas such as development services and utilities.

We’re also putting our many social media outlets front and center with scrolling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds along with more immediate access to our Marana 365 blog, Your Town podcast series and YouTube page. Our following on each of those platforms continues growing as more and more exciting projects come to Marana.

If you haven’t already done so, please bookmark for everything you need to know about our shared community. The new site goes live later this month and we’re eager for our many audiences to share the improvements it offers.

Once the site launches, please share your thoughts about it with Assistant to the Town Manager Vickie Hathaway ( The site will continually evolve and improve, so user feedback is vital.

Our community members are our customers and we want to serve everyone in the most effective and efficient ways. We appreciate your support of our town and we look forward to delivering a website that meets the needs of the people who live and do business here.

(Editor’s Note Gilbert Davidson is Marana’s Town Manager.)

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