Audra Winters

Marana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Audra Winters

The Marana Chamber is excited for the Ina Road Celebration weekend starting May 4. 

We have been working with the Ina Road businesses for some time now, initiating The Business Walk Project in 2012. This series of business walks involved the Town of Marana officials and staff, Marana Chamber members, and Marana Chamber staff. Our purpose was to get baseline information about the businesses by going door to door and asking the businesses a series of questions about their business and collecting this information into a database.

With the Ina Road Exchange getting ready to close in February of 2017, we collaborated once again for a business walk Feb. 8, 2017. 

We wanted to get more feedback from them about the project, as well as let them know about various resources available to them through the Town of Marana, the chamber and the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation Authority. 

Included in the walk was Mayor Ed Honea, who said: “I think it says a lot about the type of community we have in Marana. There are not many places where town leaders, chamber leaders and local business leaders would partner to do something like this.”

Since then, the Chamber has worked with the Ina Road businesses promoting Block Parties which included business expos highlighting their businesses, all held at Catalina Brewing Company on Camino Martin. 

With the Ina Exchange opening, the Marana Chamber urges the public to rediscover the restaurants, shops, and services on Ina Road. Please help support our Ina businesses and shop local!

Audra Winters is the President and CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce.

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