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It seems just like yesterday we were welcoming a new sports reporter by the name of Christopher Boan to the small yet mighty Tucson Local Media editorial family.

But time flies when you’re having fun (or really busy), as the saying goes—and two years have come and gone in the blink of a camera shutter.

Just as Christopher is fulfilling a lifelong dream of settling into big city life out in Phoenix, we’re welcoming a new member of our team here.

Joining us from the nonstop world of restaurant business is Austin Counts. Austin cut his teeth like many journalists in Tucson at the University of Arizona, and was soon off to the Nogales International. 

If you’re a regular of the Fourth Avenue scene, you might recognize Austin as the man behind 4th Avenue Deli, though I’m sure you will all get to know him in the coming weeks as our new sports and recreation reporter.

Whether it’s on the football fields, baseball diamonds or gymnasiums of our local high schools, Austin will soon be finding his way to the interesting athletes, coaches and programs which grace Tucson’s northside.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Austin’s journey to Tucson Local Media, check out his introductory column on page 15. 

While we were all caught up in the changing of the guard, we also said goodbye to our most recent batch of interns from the University, an energetic group of young journalist-hopefuls who brought a new perspective to the newsroom (and plenty of bylines to our pages).

So thank you Phillip Bramwell, Vianney Cardenas and Jack Ramsey for sticking around all fall. It won’t be long before the next group of young minds graces our office, so keep an eye out for some new names.

That’s not all that’s changing in our papers in the new year. 

In an effort to make your puzzling experience all the easier, we will no longer run the answers to our crossword the following week. Instead, the answers to the puzzle will be printed upside down on the same page. 

Don’t worry, puzzlers! We made sure to run the answers to last week’s crossword on page 15.

There’s plenty of other interesting things going on in this week’s edition, including the unveiling of our transportation 2020 guide and the most important stories to keep an eye on over the course of the year. In case you missed it, both of these can be found on the cover.

Elsewhere this week we learn about the process behind making the perfect hot sauce, flood protection coming to the El Rio Preserve in Marana and plenty more.

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