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One Way Woes

On Saturday Feb. 1, I made a right turn off of Tangerine into Walgreens on First Avenue and was caught off guard. I stopped at the bike path to let a cyclist go past, then saw a car approaching me from the opposite direction. The driver of the family-sized SUV, a young woman in her 30s or 40s with sunglasses, had her hands up and was yelling at me to make room for her on the “one-way” road! 

For a second, I thought I was in a parallel universe. I quickly snapped to attention, pointed to the two signs that read “Do Not Enter” and laced my comments with some things I won’t put in print. Rather than realizing her mistake, she drove past me in brazen disrespect for the law. I just sat there incredulously. Needing to get this off my chest, I told the young lady behind the register about the incident to which she replied it happens all the time. (Author’s note: a great staff at this store.) 

Admittedly the “one-way” seems a bit odd but I still obey the signs despite wanting to run it for six years. Who cares, right? But as I sat there, I thought to myself, is this what our community, and by extension, our society has become? Have we become so entitled that laws that don’t suit our personal convenience can be discarded at whim? Where did this sense of entitlement come from? It would be nice to see a more collegial, community-minded mindset.

—Tim Kennedy, Oro Valley

Congrats, Chief Rozema

I was pleased to read yesterday that Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema was selected by his peers as the 2020 Police Chief of the Year. What a fine selection! 

I know that this is not the first honor that Mr. Rozema has earned for his dedicated service to the community, and I join with all the others who give him their full support. Should I be elected to the town council in August, I will work to make sure that Chief Terry and his fine staff have everything they need to keep Marana where it belongs on the issue of public safety: at the top.

Marana is a large Township with a very diverse population ethnically and socio-economically. It straddles a major interstate with significant commercial and residential development along its sides, with more to come. This presents challenges for any police chief; challenges to which Rozema has risen, resulting in his peers selecting him as the best police chief in the entire State of Arizona.

Thank you, Terry Rozema, and thank you Town of Marana. Congratulations to you both.

—Jackie Craig, Marana 


I, like the vast majority of Oro Valley residents, are very happy with the appointment of Commander Riley as our new police chief. She is fully qualified, has the respect of the other members of the department and will continue to keep our community safe. I wish her well.

As for the selection process, council member Jones-Ivey said a mouthful when she described it as “a long arduous process.” I couldn’t agree with her more. I would only add that it was unnecessary, fiscally irresponsible and Mayor Winfield’s way of slapping Chief Sharp in the face.  

Let us not forget the night that Chief Sharp made it known that he desperately needed more officers in his budget preparation. At the break that immediately followed the Chief’s presentation Mayor Winfield gave the chief a dressing down from the dais that was rude and insulting. The national search was Winfield’s way of dissing the chief and his recommendation that his replacement should come from within the department. 

Winfield wasted taxpayer’s money.  Mayor Winfield put this community through hell (“a long arduous process”) to reach a decision that could have and should have been made months ago at a cost of $0. 

—Don Cox

Oro Valley 

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