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General contractor and welding services provider PVB Fabrications, Inc. recently announced that it would expand its headquarters in Marana and add an additional 169 jobs, primarily in operations, project management, quality control, engineering, business development and finance, to its workforce.

PVB Fabrications provides contracting, welding and fabrication services for the commercial, utility, government, heavy industrial and mining sectors.

The company recently purchased 10 acres located at 8037 and 8041 W. Tangerine Road, and is planning to construct new corporate headquarters to consolidate operations into one location, according to a press release from Sun Corridor announcing the news.

The new facilities will include a 15,000 square foot administrative office building plus three separate 30,000 square foot fabrication/production facilities. PVB is currently located at 911 W. Grant Road and employs 375 people. The full expansion will take five years.

“PVB’s new headquarters is a logical and necessary step in our business growth strategy,” said Peter Van Bogaert, PVB President. “It provides the opportunity to further expand our operations and will increase our ability to serve current and future clients.”

Phase one of the new headquarters is scheduled to be complete by December 2020. The total capital investment will be approximately $17 million, resulting in a total economic impact of $48 million.

Partners in the project include the Arizona Commerce Authority, the Town of Marana, the Pima Community College and the Small Business Development Center, PICOR, Randel Jacob Design Group, PLLC, Stewart Title, Eric Nadler, Esq. and Arizona First Properties.

“We are thrilled to welcome PVB to north Marana," said Marana Mayor Ed Honea. "Their employees' diverse skills enable them to cross multiple disciplines and sectors that include quality welding and metal fabrications to electrical and instrumentation services. PVB's projects span the entire southwest, we’re excited to have another quality business in the town and look forward to seeing them grow.”

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