A student at DeGrazia Elementary School in Marana has been arrested after the Pima County Sheriff’s Department investigated a alleged shooting threat made concerning the school.

Announced via press release by Marana Unified School District, the administrative team at the school received information the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 8 that a student allegedly stated they were going to “bring a gun and shoot up the school. “

School administration immediately contacted PCSD, which investigated the situation.

PCSD Deputy James Allerton confirmed with Tucson Local Media that a sixth-grade male student at DeGrazia Elementary was arrested on Jan. 8 for misdemeanor threats and intimidation, and referred to his parents.

The sheriff’s department determined there was no threat against the school, which is operating on its normal schedule Wednesday, Jan. 9.

DeGrazia Principal Michael Bauschka sent a letter to families Jan. 8, stressing to parents the seriousness with which the school district handles threatening or dangerous statements, and how important student safety is to everyone at the school and the district as a whole.

“Threats against a school, even when made in a joking manner, can result in serious consequences aligned with our District discipline matrix and Arizona Criminal Law,” Bauschka wrote.

Bauschka also thanked the “vigilant student” who alerted staff to the potential threat and assisted with the investigation.

“Please continue to encourage your children to immediately report any perceived threats they may see or hear about,” Bauschka wrote. “I also want to thank the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for their quick response and support.”

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