As many in the business community already know, Ed Stolmaker will step down as president and CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce at the end of the year. For the past 15 years, he has not only managed the inner workings of the Marana Chamber of Commerce, but transformed it into an integral part of the Marana community. 

Ed’s job is not an easy one, and I should know, my late wife also ran the Marana Chamber, and I know the challenges she faced, and so I know what Ed has undergone to grow the chamber into what it is today. While Ed loves dealing with the businesses he has been tasked to help, the job itself requires wearing many hats and having any number of projects going on at once. 

Ed was the perfect leader to guide the chamber alongside the Town of Marana into an era of unprecedented growth. Ed is a very classy and approachable person that individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike feel at ease around. He brings heart to his role, which is why the chamber stands out as a model chamber in the community. 

Ed does a great job of bringing people together. He serves as a conduit for businesses to communicate with the town, and as a result helped build the strong business community that exists here today. The annual State of the Town luncheon is the result of direct collaboration between the chamber and the Town of Marana, and I look forward to seeing our vibrant community represented every year at the event. 

Under his tutelage, chamber events have provided a venue for many community sectors to come together. Chamber events invite local businesses to come together with organizations like Marana Unified School District, Marana Health Center, Northwest Fire, the Community Food Bank in Marana and, of course, the Town of Marana. Through events, organizations have a chance to share ideas to make Marana a better place. 

Ed is passionate about public service. He attends our grand openings and all of our council meetings. He is present at every town signature event. He understands the importance of community involvement and the positive impacts it plays on both the business community and our residents. 

Most importantly, Ed Stolmaker is a good man. He is even more dedicated to his family as he is this Town, and that is saying a lot. His replacement has some big shoes to fill, but will also come into an organization that is in a great place. 

Marana had meant a lot to Ed Stolmaker, but Ed Stolmaker has meant more to Marana.  

Ed Honea is the Mayor of Marana and a lifelong town resident. The regular editor’s note will return next week.


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