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Regarding Feb. 12 article: “Understand your eligibility in the Presidential Preference Election”: The Explorer should be ashamed of this article. It is a thinly veiled attempt by the evidently very liberal Brad Nelson and the elections division to try and convince people to re-register as a Democrat. 

If you are not registered as a Democrat then there is no need to vote in this election. Your turn to vote will come when it matters. Don’t let this article or the elections division pull the wool over your eyes. 

Of course, this letter will be published too late. Nice timing Explorer.

—Steve Alverdes, 

Oro Valley

Reeling Recall

On Feb. 5, two weeks before the deadline to submit signatures for the recall of Mayor Winfield and council member Barrett, the recall initiator, Tom Plantz, announced that the recall effort was over because the major issues (retaining all 36 holes of golf and choosing an internal candidate as the new police chief) had been resolved.

I have three observations. First, Oro Valley Thrives leader Jennifer LeFevre would not reveal how many signatures they had collected.  I believe that if they had what they needed (minimum 3,952 signatures to recall Winfield and 3,668 to recall Barrett) they would have been proud to announce the signature count, if for no other reason than to prove that they were a formidable group who could easily do this again.

Second, they were clearly having trouble collecting signatures at the recall tables, as evidenced by their attempts on social media to entice people to sign by offering to drive to their homes with the petitions. One recall petitioner also resorted to (and was reprimanded for) using an OVPD email list to solicit signatures. These two acts made it clear that the signature count was lacking.

Third, one of their critical issues was that the council voted for a pay-as-you-go approach to maintain the 36-holes of golf versus borrowing and bonding for the money. That hasn’t changed.  Since they claimed that pay-as-you-go would result in the failure of the golf courses, why not follow through with the recall if you have enough signatures?

They failed because they believed their own hype about what Oro Valley residents wanted and they believed that those living along the golf courses represented the majority.  They failed to recognize that what the majority wanted was made clear in the 2018 election when Winfield ousted Hiremath with almost 60 percent of the vote.

—Diane Peters, 

Oro Valley

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