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The Marana transportation story left out one significant detail: Marana’s support for an Interstate 11 through the Avra Valley. Now Senators Sinema and McSally have co-sponsored legislation to speed up the process. Democrat and Republican have united to export American jobs to Mexico (with help from Trump’s new NAFTA), destroy working class communities and wildlife in the Avra Valley, threaten Tucson’s water supply, wipe out jobs along the I-10 corridor, steal jobs from US west coast ports to go to Guaymas, enrich cronies like Diamond Ventures and the Cardon Family. At a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. 

And with no oversight since the Trump Administration cut a deal with ADOT to let them, and not the Feds, oversee their proposed impacts under EPA rules—the fox in charge of the chicken house. Yikes.

Marana is alone in the area supporting I-11. An Avra Valley route is opposed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, City of Tucson, virtually all environmentalists and the thousands of working class families whose communities would be ruine.

—Albert Lannon, Tucson


Regarding Dec. 25 story “Marana educators earn national certification”: Kudos to Danielle Schroeder and Tricia Johnson for obtaining their National Board Teaching Certification. It is quite the achievement and worth as much, if not more, than a Master’s Degree or even a PhD. 

The bar is high to earn this certification, and the students in Marana who are fortunate enough to have these teachers, will be the benefactors of this high level of teaching professionalism. Well done.

—Anne Groth, Tucson

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