Recycling in Marana

The Town of Marana recently teamed up with World Care to host an electronics recycling event at Crossroads at Silverbell District Park. The event was a success, and gave Marana residents a safe, effective way to get rid of their old electronics.

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The Town of Marana Water Department had a role in two projects that earned a Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Awards. The awards honor community leaders, real estate projects and economic development oriented programs that overcame great obstacles through unlikely and atypical collaboration.

Marana Water was involved in the Northwest Recharge, Recovery, and Delivery System and the Arizona Pure Water Brew Challenge.

The MPA takes a list of over 50 projects, whittles them down to a top 20 and then gives the awards for the top 10 projects. 

The Northwest Recharge, Recovery, and Delivery System is an agreement between Town of Marana, Oro Valley and Metro Water to help reduce groundwater withdrawals and allow the north area of the Tucson Basin aquifer to recover.

“As local water providers and local water users, maintaining and keeping a healthy aquifer system in the Tucson Basin and the Avra Valley sub-basin is critical not only to our current operations but to our future operations for the community as a whole,” said Marana Water Director John Kmiec.

The NWRRDS will lead to the construction of a groundwater withdrawal well field, a large diameter pipeline and a two-million gallon capacity reservoir. 

The project will be completed in 2025. Metro Water began property acquisition in 2015 and that will continue until approximately 2018 when the design phase will begin. Construction is likely to begin in 2022.

The Arizona Pure Water Brew Challenge was the 2017 Water Innovation Challenge, led by Pima County, the goal of which was to increase public awareness about water quality and the potential for potable reuse in augmenting local water supplies. They partnered with local brewers across the state to make beer using recycled wastewater. The hope was that by producing great tasting beer, will launch a statewide discussion on water reuse and help change the public’s perception on the concept of purifying recycled wastewater to produce safe, high-quality drinking water.

Dragoon Brewing Company in Tucson had the winning beer with their Clear Water Pilsner. Tucson’s Crooked Tooth Brewing Company’s Tamarind Sour Brown won the People’s Choice Award, while Gilbert’s Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company was the runner up. More than 25 brewing companies from 12 municipalities competed in the contest. 

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