Basketball Ball

It was pandemonium in the 5A Sonoran Conference last Thursday night as the Flowing Wells boys basketball team took on the Mountain View Lions on the road. The 7-5 Caballeros tamed the Lions by a score of 56-54 in the final eight seconds of the game.

“Tonight we got a lot of young guys, we got a lot of transfers coming in and putting in good work,” said Flowing Wells senior point guard Khalid Whitaker, who made the game-winning shot. “All of us playing together as a team, coming up as brothers and doing all we can to play good basketball.” 

The Caballeros were down by nine points going into the second half. Flowing Wells Head Coach Sean Spiece said he prepared his team for the second half by telling them to “Calm down, it’s a big game but we’re built for this.”

That was exactly what the team needed to hear, said Whitaker. He and Flowing Wells junior guard Chris Acuna scored 20 points between them throughout the second half. Acuna singlehandedly scored 17 points. 

Flowing Wells trailed the 7-6 Lions by four to six points at any given time throughout the game, but failed to take the lead until the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. 

That’s when Whitaker made several impressive steals during the quarter, dishing it out to Acuna and scoring the game-winning shot. 

“Mountain View swung the ball really, really well,” Whitaker said. “They had good passing, they had a good offense and they even beat our (full court) press too.” 

But in the end, it wasn’t enough to secure the win for the Mountain Lions. 

The Caballeros are ranked No. 1 in the 5A Sonoran Conference and No. 28 overall. They were ranked No. 32 overall starting the second half of the season after winter break. Mountain View were ranked No. 20. 

The Mountain Lions also lost their game Tuesday against the Cholla Chargers, 50-54, at Cholla High School. They will face the Empire Ravens, ranked No. 6 in the 5A Sonoran conference, on Tuesday Jan. 28 at home.

Flowing Wells won their match up against Empire High last Tuesday and will battle the Rincon Rangers this Tuesday at home. The Cabs already dispatched the Rangers earlier this month by a score of 78-66.

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