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Whether you like it or not the year is coming to a close next week, and the start of a new one is just in front of us. 

Doesn’t it feel like the summer ended only a few weeks ago?

We here at Tucson Local Media have a lot of traditions, but my favorite is by far our wrap up of the most significant new stories to grace the papers throughout the year in the final edition.

It’s an arduous task involving a look back through each edition of The Explorer and Marana News. From there we create a master list that, over the course of a few days, shrinks down to the most important stories of the year thanks to some careful work by Tucson Local Media senior staffers. The end result is what we believe to be the 10 most newsworthy moments to occur on Tucson’s north side in 2019.

We cover everything from Oro Valley’s ongoing golf and community center situation to Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller’s decision to not seek reelection next year—and just about everything in between. 

That’s not all the reminiscing we did in preparation for this week’s edition: Associate Editor Jeff Gardner and I also compiled some of our favorite photographs. In case you missed it, there are several on the cover, and even more on our website (tucsonlocalmedia.com). 

While there is plenty going on in this week’s paper, there is also a lot going on in everyone’s family lives this week—considering we’re in the fever pitch of the holiday season this week.

Just as it was during Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa is an opportunity to spend time with those you love, celebrate life and enjoy a little bit of time away from the work grind.

Personally, I can’t wait for another vacation. My Flagstaff getaway already seems a lifetime ago.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping our eyes peeled for the latest news. Rest assured, knowing our papers will continue to provide you with an inside look at the community you love.

If it’s you who happens to stumble upon something interesting, as always, feel free to contact me at logan@tucsonlocalmedia.com. Sometimes the best news comes directly from those living it, and our community members are invaluable resources.

From all of us here at Tucson Local Media, have a wonderful holiday week, a joyous New Year’s Eve and a wonderful beginning to 2020.

We will see you there.

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