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Marana Town Council needs you!

The Marana Town Council is accepting applications for the council seat that’s open due to the death of Councilmember Carol McGorray.

Marana residents who have resided in the town for at least a year and want to apply can submit an application to the town clerk, with a resume and other supporting material, no later than this Friday, April 13 at noon. 

The application consists of questions to assess an applicant’s familiarity with Marana’s form of government and common agenda items, such as contract approvals, development and intergovernmental agreements, budgets and zoning. It also asks about the applicant’s vision for Marana, professional background and experience on a legislative body.

Mayor Ed Honea said he would like to see a candidate who can “be an active participant right up front,” and get along with the other council members.

Vice Mayor Jon Post also values a candidate who gets along well with the other council members.

“We don’t always see eye to eye, but we have a council who has gotten along pretty well for many years,” he said.

McGorray’s death is only the second time a council member has died in office, the first time being Marana’s first mayor, Don Frew. But the last time the council had an open seat was in 2008 when then-Councilmember Tim Escobedo resigned after a series of incidents that included a DUI arrest. 

Post applied for the seat that opened up. After years on the Marana Planning Commision and involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, he said the transition to council was a natural one.

So like he was, Post said an ideal candidate would be someone who is already involved in the town: someone he sees at the council meetings when he looks out from the dais.

“It’s not gonna be a job that you can pick up and run with if you don’t know anything about the town,” he said.

On April 17, at the regular council meeting, applicants will get three minutes apiece to make their case for why they would make a good council member, followed by select applicant interviews with the council during an executive session. Then the council will discuss in open session and most likely nominate an applicant with a majority vote.

McGorray was up for re-election this year. Therefore, whoever council chooses to fill the seat will have to run for council in order to hold it for the upcoming four-year term. 

Applications are available at and at the clerk’s office at 11555 W. Civic Center Drive. 

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