Best of the Northwest 2020

Can you believe it’s already February, that the Super Bowl is over?

Time flies when you’re busy, and it came as quite a surprise when I turned the page on my daily calendar to find a new month greeting me over the weekend.

While we’re still settling into a new year, it’s already flying past us.

With February comes a break in the freezing overnight temps and a plethora of community events, festivals and, of course, Valentine’s Day. 

Here at Tucson Local Media, we’re getting ready to celebrate a different kind of holiday: Best of the Northwest.

It’s my third year at the helm of this fun contest, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re nearly to the end of this year’s voting period. But that doesn’t mean it’s over just yet, there’s still time to vote!

If you’ve always wanted to tell the world your favorite spot in town to get a burger, a beer or a massage, then vote! What about the best happy hour, most interesting art gallery or place to take a visitor from Phoenix? We would love to hear from you.

The contest went live back in November at, and comes to a close on Sunday, Feb. 16. Just click on the “Best of the Northwest” tab on our banner. There won’t be nominees from which to choose, but that’s where you come in. Submit businesses under one of the many categories, and submit as many as you’d like.

As a reminder: we are keeping in place our one-business, one-award policy, though with a slight change this year. Businesses can only win one award in a single category like “Retail and Services” or “Food and Drink,” but they can win multiple awards if they receive nominations elsewhere. 

For instance, a business can win “Best Mom and Pop Shop” and still win “Best Burger,” because the two awards are in different categories. If a business wins out in multiple awards in the same category, they win the award for which they received the most votes.

Once the contest closes we will sort through the votes, tally up the winners and begin the hard part: Writing it all out. It’s a tough task, to say the least, but one I look forward to every year.

No matter your response, we’re excited to see what local businesses and long time repeat winners end up returning for this year’s compendiumthough I am just as interested to find out which new businesses are catching people’s eyes around town.

Keep an eye on your driveways in March for the complete list.

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